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I will be very pleased if you say YES to my project ANO NANO. ANO NANO means "YES TO NANO' in my native Czech language. .

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SEN means a DREAM in my native Czech language. It has been accompanying me the whole life. Ever since I was born.

Wondering how this is possible?

My parents engraved a dream into my name. SENta. And I proudly bear this name. I love my life-long dream. I was born in a month of love in 1981 in Prague , spent an idylic childhood in Brdy Mountains. Later on I lived in the town of Zlin and since 2001 I have lived with my husband in Prague.

You are welcome to have a look at Links (Odkazy tab) and view my professional LinkedIn profile.

Many people have come to my life, I have lived through many experiences, have visited many places and have tried many things. I am glad that I can share a new phase of my life with you. The phase associated with NANO. ANO NANO.

SEN. Startuji Etapu Nano.

Why ANO? (ANO means YES in English)

With the word “ANO” I want to express that I am in harmony with the project ANO NANO and to encourage you to become familiar with it. What else resonates with me? I respect health, inner contentment and serenity, humility, own opinion, passion, nature and overall space balance.


Lavylites. 100 % natural products containing only natural ingredients from active substances collected from several thousands of medicinal herbs from clean controlled sources. Their beneficial effect is enhanced by nanotechnology processing when the smallest particles of active ingredients called nano-effectors are activated. They penetrate deeply through the skin into the body and enter in a few seconds affected areas (eg. bonemarrow) where regeneration processes start. Free of any side effects.

I offer you a chance to get to know the amazing products and to try firsthand the revolutionary effects. And optionally to help you start your new life phase in Lavylites team, help yourself and others to health, beauty, vitality and financial independence.

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